Quality you can taste.

For over 100 years, we've been making juice at Lausitzer Saft. So, we know what we're doing. Besides the best ingredients, our juices, nectars, and fruit juice drinks are made with lots of tradition and experience. The taste will convince you!

The very special pleasure.

Cocktails love Lausitzer.

Whether it's local or exotic fruits, we bring them to your glass in a gentle process. With over 100 years of experience in industrial juice production, we fill Lausitzer juices, nectars, and fruit juice drinks in various packaging in old tradition. From our home-pressed cloudy apple juice made from regional apples to the exotic velvety banana nectar: With Lausitzer juices, you bring the whole world of pleasure home.

  • Our lemon juice.

    100% sour.
    100% fresh.

    When life gives us lemons, we make juice. Our 100% lemon juice provides freshness for any occasion: in your cocktail, your drink or in the kitchen.

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  • Our syrups

    Diluted, it's still pure enjoyment.

    Lausitzer syrups bring you enormous advantages: they are economical, you no longer have to carry crates or pay deposits, you can store them in a space-saving way, and they have a wider variety and longer shelf life. And, they simply taste delicious! The usage is also very versatile: whether as a refreshing drink, in a cocktail, on an ice cream sundae, or as an ingredient for cakes.

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  • Our reusable product range.

    Liter by liter of enjoyment.

    We still adhere to the ecological reusable bottle. For the gastronomy sector as well as for end consumers in the region, this packaging form is the most efficient. So you can enjoy our juices and nectars liter by liter.

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    Our recipes.

    Simple. Delicious.

      Gastronomy & Hotel Business

      Our offer for all cases.

      Whether it's gastronomy or event industry: We package our products for every need and occasion. That's why our reusable juices are available in 0.2-liter bottles, 0.75-liter bottles, or 1-liter bottles.

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