Experience you can taste.

And the morning starts deliciously.

For more than 100 years, we have been producing jams and fruit spreads in Sohland, making us the last medium-sized family business that exclusively produces in East Germany. With the acquisition of the traditional ROKOMA jam factory in Rostock, we offer an attractive range for every taste.

Our classic.

Fruity tradition.

Our plum puree, following the Hanseatic tradition, is a delicacy as it is not additionally spiced and thus offers pure "plum fruit enjoyment".

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Our varieties with less sugar.

Full flavor. Less sugar.

Our new reduced-sugar jams are right on trend. They're full of fruit flavor, but less sweet, so you can enjoy them without guilt.

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Our special varieties.

For a special breakfast!

Strawberry or sour cherry? Well, the selection is much larger with us: In addition to these, we offer other delicious spreads such as Winter Apple or our Peach-Passionfruit in small jars.

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Gastronomy & bulk consumers

Our packages for every occasion.

Whether it's for gastronomy or events: we package our products to meet any need and occasion.

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