Juices, spritzers, and more.


SUNJU stands for refreshing enjoyment. Whether it's our direct juices or still fruit juice drinks. Try it for yourself!

Our apple juice.

Quality that speaks for itself. Clear and direct.

Our clear and cloudy apple juices in the 1.5L packaging are new. By using locally sourced apples, we support regional fruit farmers and press our cloudy apple juice ourselves. In the tradition of one of the oldest cider mills in Europe - the Lockwitzgrund Cider Mill in Dresden - we continue this tradition at our Ellefeld location and transform apples into pure juice pleasure.

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Our „Silents“


The still young brand benefits from our decades-long tradition in the production of beverages and beverage ingredients. The innovative 'Sunju Still Fruits' in the convenient and consumer-friendly 1L carton are the result of this longstanding experience. Pureed fruits are directly processed into delicious, reduced-sugar refreshments, available in six different varieties, such as refreshing 'Still Melon' or isotonic and valuable 'Still Grapefruit' with Stevia.

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Our syrups.

Flavor to the power of five!

One becomes five: Our syrups offer concentrated enjoyment in a variety of flavors. This is not only incredibly thirst-quenching but also simply practical.

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