Canned Foods

The best of fruits and vegetables.

For more than a hundred years, we have been making only one thing from good ingredients: the best. Fruit and vegetable preserves and juices that are appreciated for their quality.

Our quality promise.

Quality from tradition.

The production of fruit preserves has a long tradition at Lausitzer. In a gentle processing without the addition of color and firming agents, apples, cherries and many berries are filled into glass jars at our production sites in Saxony. Lausitzer apple sauce with its firm consistency is the most well-known product. By using certain apple varieties, we strive to maintain the taste.

  • Cabbage preserves.

    That's how cabbage tastes.

    Whether it's white or red cabbage: At Lausitzer, we make the best of it. Like our delicious Lausitzer sauerkraut with carrots and a fine caraway note. Cold or heated, a Saxon specialty for immediate consumption.

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  • Cucumbers from the Spreewald.

    Crispy, savory: Spreelese.

    The Spreewald, the most famous cucumber growing region in Germany, belongs to Lausitz and Lausitzer has been producing various cucumber specialties since ancient times. The most famous one is our "Spreelese" cucumber.

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  • Our apple sauce.

    Simply Appley!

    The Lausitzer applesauce with its firm consistency is one of our most popular products. Only selected apple varieties end up in our pot. This guarantees a consistently fruity pleasure.

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  • Our fruit preserves

    Fruity enjoyment from the jar.

    Our favorites from nature: the fruit preserves. Freshly preserved - for the whole family.

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  • Our vegetable juices.

    The daily dose of goodness.

    Soothing and delicious. We bring the full vegetable enjoyment into the bottle for you - along with valuable vitamins. In organic quality.

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  • Cranberries & Lingonberries.

    Are you hungry for berries?

    The processing of wild lingonberries and cranberries has been of great importance in our company for years. For the various uses, we fill our berries sugared or gelled in jars and plastic buckets up to 12.5 kg. These products are also suitable for large consumers such as caterers and large kitchens.

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    Our Recipes.

    Deliciously diverse!

      Gastronomy & bulk consumers

      Our packaging for all needs.

      Whether it's catering or events, we fill our products for every requirement and occasion.

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