Mushroom specialties

From the forest to your table.

The high-quality mushroom and berry preserves from Waldkauz bring the flavors of the forest directly to your table. Discover for yourself.

Quality, hand-picked

Almost like picking them yourself.

For our high-quality Waldkauz mushroom preserves, we use hand-picked wild mushrooms. Whether chanterelles or porcini mushrooms - they are freshly harvested in their natural environment and immediately filled into jars and cans with our modern processing machines. The careful handling of these sensitive natural products is reflected in the quality and taste of our Waldkauz mushroom preserves.

  • Berries

    Are you also craving for some berries?

    Whether for cooking or dessert, our selected berry specialties are a fresh and fruity sidekick that makes every dish a little more exciting.

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  • Our ASIA-range

    For trips to distant lands in the kitchen.

    Not only can you find them in the wok, our Asian mushroom preserves are a delicious ingredient for many dishes. Whether as a side dish for a fresh field salad or in our pumpkin-orange-curry soup from Naturwerk, shiitake and oyster mushrooms have been enriching home kitchens for many years.

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  • Purebred and good

    Classics for special enjoyment.

    Whether chanterelles, porcini mushrooms or hedgehog mushrooms: sometimes it just has to be something very special.

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  • Mushroom mixtures

    The entire diversity of the forest.

    Whether in risotto, pasta sauce or stew: Our selected mushroom mixes are the perfect ingredient for hearty delights.

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    Our Waldkauz recipes

    So simple, so good.

      Gastronomy & bulk consumers

      Our packages for every occasion.

      Whether it's for gastronomy or events: we package our products to meet any need and occasion.

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